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I think the incremental drain on your energy follows something like an inverse-square law: one kid leaches 1/1 of your available energy, which is just about OK. The second takes another 1/4, so you're in deficit. That's where we stopped. Third? Only another 11% or so. Not much worse, really. If my guess is close, then the marginal energy cost of, say, a ninth kid is almost zero, which seems reasonable (how much deader can a zombie get, after all). My younger one (10) fell asleep against my shoulder last night while we watched a movie - I was struck by the (sad) thought that this may never happen again. Oh, watch out for the plumbing differences in the first year or two, btw.
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The 029 with the interpreter was a real life-saver. I never learned to speed-read EBCDIC from the punched holes.
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I don't know if the information's useful, or indeed accurate, but I believe that an individual named Nathan Weizenbaum was an intern at FogBugz recently? I'm pretty sure that's the same Nathan Weizenbaum who is the lead developer of SASS. And indeed, the DRY-up-your-HTML template language HAML. SASS 3.0 is at (I think) RC3 right now, with changes that include a new ("SCSS") syntax that make it a superset of CSS 3. At least, that's what they say - I haven't actually tried it yet...
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