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Mr. Salguero, I understand that you want to try to be neutral in your articles. That being said, you write for The MIAMI Herald! Why do you consistently look for THE most negative subject to write about our GREAT nfl team? Look, the truth of it is, Wallace only had 64 recs 836 yds and EIGHT td's last year. I will predict right now, barring injury to him, or Tanny, that he surpasses ALL those totals....The End!
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Some of you here do not understand Vegas, and the betting line. The line(+ or _)moves how the betting goes. Atlanta is -7 because all the fools betting do not believe yet! hahahaha, don't fret, after Monday night, you won't see Miami +ANY much longer! Go Miami Phins UP!
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OK, any GM makes good and bad choices. It's the nature of the draft. Guys can be beasts in College, only to be total busts in the NFL. Can you say Brian Bosworth? Anyway, here's my list of some pretty good, to awesome picks that J. Ireland has made since 2008. Bold names are absolute winners, in my humble opinion. Vontae Davis, BRIAN HARTLINE, JAKE LONG, CHRIS CLEMMONS, SEAN SMITH, KENDALL LANGFORD, Donald Thomas, Lex Hilliard, Jared Odrick, RESHAD JONES, Austin Spitler, John Jerry, Koa Misi, Jimmy Wilson, MIKE POUNCEY. So now, after what I consider some pretty savvy managing, we are set to have a tremendous draft, and we also have a TON of cap space. I for one think Mr. Ireland will finally show us how he has built us into a playoff team, and a Super Bowl contender, in the next two years! Phins Up!
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Send coach Sparano packing, and have him take Marshall with him! Brandon Marshal and the Jets HOME referees took that game from us in the 1st quarter. Our guys simply gave up. As a life long fan, I can't take this anymore. I'm almost glad my mother is no longer with us, surely this woulda killed her!!
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You know what's saddest of all? We fans love the game so much, that when this all gets settled(this season or not)they know we will flock back to buy season tickets. We will burn up the phone lines buying Direct TV, we will pay as if nothing ever happened! Now, you sit there and honestly tell me I'm wrong!
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May 27, 2011