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Kathleen Miller
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That's exactly what I was thinking! Jenny, you need to send a photo of yourself extracting honey from a bee hive to Wil STAT!
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on in other words... at WWdN: In Exile
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Great post, Wil! Our Izzy was at the local pound and on her tenth day (meaning her last day before they put her down) and a wonderful rescue snatched her up to find her a good home. I'm so grateful to them for the amazing work that they do and for seeing that Izzy (then called Muffy, as in Scruffy Muffy) had the potential to be a wonderful dog for a family (which she is!) It breaks my heart to think how some people treat their animals but to hear your story, which is so similar to ours, really makes my day!
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Aw don't worry about it, Wil. It's definitely not an age thing. I'm 30 and forget how old I am all the time! Happy Birthday (make sure to celebrate extra hard for that lost year!)
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That is such a great movie! Although I still squeeze my eyes shut a bit when Large Marge's face gets all crazy! And that nightmare with the clown doctors? Oh my gosh, how did I watch this movie as a kid? I always put it on though when I stumble upon it, even if it's already halfway over (this drives my husband crazy. Watching TV in bed, not so much!)
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As a total Rock Band junkie, I can so relate to this story...and to feeling stressed out when I hear a particularly difficult RB song on the radio! And kudos to you for even attempting Green Grass and High Tides! I saw my sister attempt (and fail) at the opening two minutes once and vowed to never let it demoralize me! I think it's also great that you're able to see your own values in your kids. Kudos to you and Anne for that one!
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Mar 17, 2011