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Couldn't agree more, Rachel! Sometimes, I think both individually and as organizations, we add layers of complexity in an inadvertent attempt to add value. With each layer, we justify another system to hold it in place. The result is that we limit the ability of others to interact and engage. It's almost as if by making things seem more complex, we make ourselves seem superior..."look at this nifty complicated thing I have mastered." I hope those of you who are leaders and experts can remind one another and the rest of us that the very simple idea of offering more space and channels for inclusive engagement is what initiated the social media movement.
First of all...Apollo, you rock. What a balanced, thoughtful perspective. Kudos to your parents, and to you and your wife. Second, to Rachel's point, we need to create cultures where the best interest of the company is recognized to be serving the best interest of its employees. I believe there are companies that try to practice a healthy lifestyle culture. I am one of those women who did do it all for 19 years before a variety of things made me reconsider my personal mission and step off the corporate track. My children are now healthy and happy young adults who I cherish, and though I would change a few moments, I wouldn't trade a day of the times we had when I was working full time. I could explain some of the skills I developed to make it work for me personally (if anyone is interested, just ask me!), but I think the important issue raised here is beyond the individual coping skills of a family and begs consideration of a systemic corporate shift to a model that makes it possible for everyone to fully engage. Conversations like this keep the need for new models at the top of corporate thinking. Thank you for that Rachel. Keep asking these questions, please!!
Well, I think there is great value in conferences as they provide the fertile ground where relationships truly take root and we know one another beyond avatars. Ah Has! may have passed in the introduction of social media information. But to sirmichael's point, there are many groups beyond the echo chamber (loved that!) eager for guidance, who need facts to overcome skepticism and who require the skills to make these new channels their own. Within the realm of professional speakers, social media is still a hot topic and many professionals are just learning that they can engage without fear of their time being consumed or their topic being diluted. So carry on my expert friends and thanks for bringing light to the rest of us!
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Nov 17, 2009