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I started reading Wil's blog when he was on WWdN so you kids had better git off my lawn! I'm glad you're going home, Wil. BulletProof Security and EZPZ Backup are my favorite WordPress add-ons. I started using them after I got hacked :/ Have not been hacked since. Likely because I now have up-to-date backups :P But seriously BulletProof Security helps fix your PHP code and other settings so you're less vulnerable to attack.
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I see you had the same high school English teachers I did, Wil. For some reason, the folks who wrote my English curriculum had a thing about Death so I read a lot of Silvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, etc. Oh and Madame Bovary. No wonder teenage depression is a growing issue. Anyway, by junior year, I'd had it with Find the Secret Meaning (But Only If It Matches This List) and I kept raising my hand to talk about the different meanings I'd taken from the books. I was such a pain in the ass and my teacher eventually stopped calling on me. I also got in trouble for laughing during class while reading Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". I so desperately needed comedy by that point.
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Jun 18, 2012