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@bennett3dolfan I had to say Kudos Brotha. Armando is nothing but negativity.. I don't think the man has a Positive side at all. I think he would criticize his mother's cook.
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Armando there you go again being a hater after one preseason game. Do you ever have anything remotely good to say about anything. Do you like pie? How about a steak? Think you could find something positive to say about your wife or girlfriend? You have no idea of what Henne could have done say if he had 5 more attempts. You have this crazy idea that this game is won and lost by one player on the field. ITS CALLED A TEAM SPORT MORON! I am just starting to enjoy Flame you... Your only skill is place words to hate on Henne. Can you not think of anything else to write about? Two days in a row Henne hating. Whats your article tomorrow about, oh wait let me guess, Henne Hating.... You do write for the Miami Herald right? Are you a Jets Fan? Do you dream of Mark Sanchez coming to tuck you in at night.
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Aug 14, 2011