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Okay, so I just read this and REALLY feel the need to make a very VALID point here... Isn't there something sort of NAZI-ish about this? Is this part of the MARTIAL LAW thing happening? THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I DO NOT even drink, but I am finding this sort of thing quite annoying...I'd sure like to go and drive through this checkpoint just to see HOW FAR these NAZI-KC Cops would take this sort of thing..Check out : and This is totally against the law for cops to do this to citizens! People need to start calling the police stations and complaining.. This is WRONG! We live in AMERICA! They have NO RIGHT to pull people over JUST TO SEE if they can find something to arrest them for! I am APPALLED by this! NAZI'S FINEST at work.. You can thank ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and NEW WORLD ORDER for this.. THANK BUSH AMERICA!~ Educate yourself people!...
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2007 on KCPD plans sobriety checkpoint at Crime Scene KC