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Minh Q. Tran
Paris, France
Interests: running, tennis, golf, snowboard
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The Chinese insurance market has grown rapidly over the past decade and now ranks as the third largest globally. The adoption of Insurtech along the whole insurance value chain is poised to further grow and transform the industry. This is... Continue reading
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I was supposed to talk at this panel in #London but had to cancel. Instead, will be publishing a personal take-away and views on #robo-advisors after listening to @CBInsights Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
I listen to the webinar of CB Insights on robo-advisors. Here are my key take-aways as I am a board member in @Fundshop1 B2B Offering There is a massive spikes in client accounts since the offering of B2B services. @Betterment... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
Source : Crunchbase As seed and series A rounds have grown increasingly larger over the past decade, a new category of funding has emerged: the pre-seed round. What exactly is pre-seed? Since the round type is still new and evolving,... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
Insurance penetration in Asia-Pacific may be as little as a third of the global average but it could lead the world when it comes to the development of the insurtech market. This is the finding from a report issued by... Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 9, 2017 at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
Insurance group QBE has announced plans to implement machine learning technology in order to automate its policy review process and develop more efficient underwriting. The plan is the result of a partnership it has struck with insurtech firm RiskGenius, a... Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 9, 2017 at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
(Crédits : DR) Alors qu'émergent des technologies révolutionnaires, les startups françaises de l'innovation de rupture pâtissent d'un accès difficile au financement, de l'absence d'un écosystème structuré et de collaborations insuffisantes avec les grands groupes. Internet, le GPS, le véhicule autonome...... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 31, 2017 at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
Etherisc Launches Blockchain-powered Flight Delay Insurance For Devcon 3 In Mexico Devcon3 Attendees Combat Risks of Cancelled Flights with Smart Contracts By Richard Kastelein - October 28, 2017 172 via Continue reading
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20 October 2017 Editorial: Intel Capital's performance update sets high standards Overall, therefore, Intel Capital’s approach under Brooks is setting new standards of best practices but the real differentiation comes in its execution. Author: James Mawson, Editor-in-chief With the speed and scale of the changes in the innovation capital ecosystem... Continue reading
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TRANSLATION VIA GOOGLE Ex-General Partner at AXA Strategic Ventures, Minh Q. Tran launched a venture capital firm, Insurtech Capital, with the goal of linking (re) insurers with startups as part of strategic and financial objectives. We took advantage of his... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2017 at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
On Thursday, October 12th, more than 200 insurance experts met at Novotel Kirchberg to discuss innovation and investments in the insurance sector. This second edition of Insurtech Summit organized by InFinance brought together local and international professionals through conferences, workshops... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 16, 2017 at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)
Key Points Recent shifts in insurance regulation are driven by consumer demand. Traps for the unwary mean that insurtech startups should engage with regulators early and often. Brokers need to know how to navigate the complex framework of anti- rebate... Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2017 at The #Insurtech #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran)