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More than a decade ago I applied for a programming position and sure thing they made me code the solution to a rather complex problem. As it was my style back then, I wrote comments all over the code and I added an about message on top, sort of like: written by… I didn’t get the job. They never really gave me an answer as to why. A few months later, a very good friend of mine got accepted to another position on the same company. He called me a few weeks later to tell me that he saw code that I wrote in one of the company’s main product. When I asked to describe the code he described what I wrote during the interview. However, what gave the code away was my about message and my comments: they didn’t even remove them! They just blatantly used my code. In the following interviews I had over the years whenever someone asked me to write code as part of the interview, I would point them to my web site, then excuse myself and I would leave the interview. I DO NOT WRITE CODE ON INTERVIEWS! That shows nothing. My background: more than 20 years coding in C and ASM for Unix, Windows, and Mac. Over 10 years of information security consulting where I find exploits and vulnerabilities for common programs
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Feb 22, 2010