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Minnie Richards
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I certainly hope that those asking the questions tonight, in the GOP debate, will dare to ask questions that will give the public the truth, expose radicalism and will allow ordinary people to make up their minds!So many times the questions that will provide the hard but true answers are avoided and the masses are deceived even though most stay abreast of the real issues and who has the people's best interest at heart!
The Clean Air Act is vitally important to every man, woman and child, the planet we live on and all the living beauty growing and thriving amoung us! Do not think selfserving, do not think GREED but remember you once valued friends that you are hurting now! Come out of this fog and look to the skys of blue , come out of the smog and brighten our day! The earth is worth saving and it will take only a few ..only a few to change their air today!
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May 22, 2010