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The Melo comparisons aren't so much of a reach. The Hollinger PER is the best rating of per-minute productivity. Check out the PERs for Melo's and Beasley's rookie years: Melo: 17.54 Beasley: 17.28 Pretty close. In addition, check the list of bigmen who have been/will be all-stars that had less productive rookie years than B-Easy: Bosh (turned 20) Boozer (turned 22) Horford (turned 22) Aldridge (turned 22) David West (turned 23) Kevin Durant (turned 20) Richard Jefferson (turned 22) Dwight Howard (barely) (turned 19) Amare Stoudamire (turned 20) Danny Granger (turned 22) Al Jefferson (turned 20) In fact, the only SF/PFs over the last seven years who had more productive rookie years that I could find were Kevin Love Brook Lopez And of course, LeBron and Melo. I think 2008 will go down as a great draft for big men, although Beasley has the greatest upside. Although PER wasn't kept back when they were 19-20 year olds, check out the per-minute stats for Kobe Bryant's second season Kevin Garnett's second season Dirk Nowitzki's rookie year You'll see that Beasley's per-minute output was a tad better than any of them.
The Heat started 2 undrafted players (Anthony, Haslem), and 2 second round picks (Jones, Chalmers) in game 7. I think that's insane; I can't think of another team that starts 2 second round picks or undrafted players. Plus, 3 more undrafted players featured in the rotation (Quinn, Moon, Diawara). Magloire is over 30 and was waived by 2 teams! Without Wade they are the least talented team of the last decade, it is amazing they ended up within a game of the elite 8.
In game 7 of a first round series, the Miami Heat started two undrafted players in the frontcourt, and two second round picks. There isn't another team in the NBA that starts two undrafted/ second round picks, let alone freaking four. In their 10 man regular season rotation, there were four (!) undrafted players (Haslem, Quinn, Moon, Anthony) and 2 second round picks (Chalmers and Jones). Add in a player in his thirties that was waived by two teams (Magloire) and a 20 and 21 year old (Beasley and Cook). Wade has absolutely no help and the heat come within a game of the elite 8- actually it is pretty amazing. Wade really is that great. Plus the up-and comers have a lot of potential. I think they get to the 2nd round next year and Wade wins another championship in a heat uniform, unless LeBron wins the next 10 (assuming he's not playing in a Heat Uni)