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Sherlock Season 2 will air on PBS starting on May 6th. My biggest gripe with DST is that we (in the US) had to change the start and stop dates, so that not only do we have to put up with the stupid change in the first place, but now we have to do it at a different time from everyone else in the world. As someone with regular international contact, that's just annoying. I really wish I could find a report where someone had researched whether the recent change to the start/stop dates had actually had any energy saving benefits (which is what they were touted as). If not, we could just undo it (and perhaps get rid of DST entirely). Unfortunately, the government doesn't seem to be too interested in verifying whether new laws actually have their intended consequences.
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It's shaped like a tuna can.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2009 on in the country of the kaurava king at WWdN: In Exile
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Old: lots of good suggestions already, but don't forget Kurt Vonnegut. He has (sadly) been in the news recently after all. I especially enjoyed Sirens of Titan. New: In the theme of bringing up authors no one else has: Ian M. Banks' Culture series contains some of the best books of recent times. I'd recommend starting with "The Player of Games" even though it's not the first in the series. Ken MacLeod is another good recent author (also Scottish... perhaps a theme). His four Fall Revolution books are very good, but all of his books are compelling. The first Fall Revolution book, "The Star Fraction" is pretty heavy going though, and probably nonsense if you don't live in the UK.
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