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Way back when Obama first started running if you looked at Trinity's website, it said something about muslims being welcome there....does anyone else remember reading it? It also said you had to take an oath to Africa as the motherland.
I am so disheartened and disgusted,, I don't know which is worse Obama or the media. Thank you for your blog!
The greedy bastard! It is clear that he didn't want western influence on his family,, so why the hell did he move to Canada? The man loves money more than his family. I hope they hang him!
When I first read about this 'group' coming out I thought of Obama. This group is so secretive just like Obama. I think the NWO people thought he would advance their plans,, instead it looks like Obama has used the NWO people to advance Muslim NWO.
I believe the article says the case is to be amended to include other servicemen....the case is not over...
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2009 on Release the Vault Copy at Atlas Shrugs
The wrongness of this situation and our response to it is astounding. This is totally unacceptable to me! Please don't give up Iranians,, freedom is worth it. Fight to the end. I fear our turn is coming up.
Great post! You sure nailed Huffington. Palin is the real thing.
Never trust the left. They are users not givers.
Whoa! I'm speechless! What a communist! or Islamist,,, there isn't much difference....
I feel like Americans are in the same boat as the Iranian people,, we just don't know it yet.
Thank you for posts! So much information! Maybe we all don't realize we are in the same boat as the protesters...I hope it won't take 30 yrs of oppression to bring our own back to freedom.
I was wondering why O said something to the effect that he was elected to protect Islam. And now this group pops up!Hummmm
Well, there are giant octopuses now.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2009 on Submarine Collisions at BlackFive
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