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Belchertown, Massachusetts.
I am a former mortgage professional originally from Northern Vermont, now residing in Massachusetts, after a 9 year stint in Florida.
Interests: golf, basketball officiating, english premier league soccer
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Having dispatched Mecklenburg County as well as a couple of others in June, I was now done with having to go to the "big city". The worst part about the larger cities like Charlotte is finding a parking space near... Continue reading
I had always entered North Carolina east of Charlotte. This route would take me west of Charlotte, and I would stay north of the city to avoid as much traffic as possible. As I left Georgia and entered into South... Continue reading
By June of 2016, I was running out of routes through South Carolina, and with only a dozen Courthouses left to photograph, it became apparent that two day/one night trips would be relics of the past. My plan was to... Continue reading
The shape of North Carolina meant that direct north-south routes would be limited. There would only be a chance to nab photos of two-three County Courthouses with each sojourn home in NC. This particular trip included Stanly and Union Counties.... Continue reading
It became apparent that completing a state by taking County Courthouse pictures might be a reality. South Carolina was my target. How to vary the approach into South Carolina from Georgia was the challenge. My March 2016 northbound trip would... Continue reading
Once that first courthouse trip had been made, it quenched my thirst for more. Planning the trips, calculating the mileages, using courthouse books and county maps, having a power point printout of unseen courthouses, and embarking on a series of... Continue reading
It began innocently enough. My Dad had passed away in 2010, and I found myself visiting my mother in North Carolina more often than I had in the past. We had moved from Vermont to Florida and I was still... Continue reading
As I approach the end of my second year in the classroom, I am already planning for next year. There are some big changes coming as well as some fine tuning. Organization is going to be the key to successful... Continue reading
Sad news to report as my dad's shipmate passed away on Friday. I had hoped to get up to see him this coming week. Continue reading
Last summer, I was focused on landing my first full-time teaching job. I had spent the previous year as a long-term substitute. In fact, the previous couple of summers were just like that. This summer is different, as I am... Continue reading
The school year certainly has moved right along. During this testing week, I have realized that school years continue to mimic the ones I had in college--they fly by. I can still remember thinking during my senior year at the... Continue reading
Although the official testing window opens in a little more than 2 weeks, we are now in crunch time mode. Regardless of your feelings on the subject of standardized testing, the one thing that I find ludicrous is the timing... Continue reading
Yes, friends, the testing season is right around the corner. As a first year teacher, it seems that there are a lot of corners, which once you make the turn, another test awaits. The big writing test awaits 4th, 8th... Continue reading
The business in me will not disappear simply because I have changed careers. As I was searching for a lesson plan for a book that I planned to read as a class novel, I stumbled upon an interesting site called... Continue reading
A couple of posts ago, I spoke of wearing a necktie as a substitute teacher. During the course of the summer, I was re-reading Harry Wong's The First Days of School as I prepared for my unknown classroom in the... Continue reading
My first two weeks in my new career have come and gone. My biggest challenge? Probably learning all of the student names in a rapid time frame. There probably is some type of parlor trick, but what I am trying... Continue reading
For much of the time since 1991, I have commuted a fairly long distance. In fact, with the exception of the office days in the mortgage company office I managed for several years, my commute has often been more than... Continue reading
As I left college and entered the world of Banking, not only was a necktie a requirement, but so, too, was a sport coat. In many instances, a suit was worn. Sometime around the late 90's, I left one bank... Continue reading
Having just completed my first year of teaching, I can say that I have learned much. This year was spent substituting, and in November, I accepted a long term assignment at a middle school in Sebring, Florida. I had 3... Continue reading
August 18 - Back in Pozzuoli and took on more American troops. August 22 - Disembarqued troops at St. Maxime, France. August 28 - Back in Mers-el-Kebir, Algeria. Were ordered to Algiers to pick up French troops. They turned out... Continue reading
It is now August 15th, 1944. Dad's shipmate aboard the LCI 587 picks up the story once again... The assembled fleet weighed anchor off Ajaccio during the midnight watch on August 15th in order to be in position for the... Continue reading
The beach we are to land on is beach #259, a beach on the Baie de Cavalaire on the south side of the St. Tropez peninsula. According to intelligence, the beach is lined with barbed wire and concrete tetrahedrons and... Continue reading
The flotilla is now being amassed and organized for landing. Our flotilla is scheduled to land on Red Beach in Alpha Sector. The assault plan for that sector is as follows: (H -hour is the time the first wave hits... Continue reading
Following, are more of the secret orders, which were unveiled on August 12, 1944. VIII. Gunfire support. IX. Reorganization and anchorage plan. X. Defense 1. Smoke Doctrine 2. Surface SCreen diagram 3. Anti-aircraft doctrine 4. Anti-Uboat doctrine 5. Air plan... Continue reading
In this update, you will find what was contained in the orders. Dad's shipmate kept watch with him. Dad was Quartermaster as well as a signalman aboard the LCI 587. It is August 12, 1944, and the invasion of Southern... Continue reading