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From way up there "Reverse a string". It's been literally a decade but... not using a string reverse function but anything else. lemme see. stdio.h, strings.h, int a,b string str1[]="your string", str2. main blah blah. a=strlen(str1), b=0, do str2[b]=str1[a] a-- b++ while a != 0 close all squiglys mash compile... swear. And if I was paid by the hour that's a days work... :D j/k Figured a for do might miss the last character off but whatever. Moving on. The problem is the requirements of a job can be exceptionally out of whack to what the position really is. This is more prevalent here in the UK where you have intermediaries such as agencies replacing your own HR department. You tell them you want an entry level programmer... that spawns an advert for something akin to a senior analyst (multiple languages multiple years, lots of experience, project management skills, University degree 2:1 or above, etc.) so the people coming through the door are either going to be vastly over qualified for what you want... or fakes, you might get lucky and a hobbiest appears but... agencies often filter those out due to lack of business experience. So quite often if you've employed an agency the reason your getting the wrong thing is you've not explicitly and forcefully told the agency EXACTLY what you want; you gave them some leeway and they've gone and made a right mess out of it. At least one agency has had the gaul to slap a BSc on my CV, not tell me they were 'fixing things' and send me off for an interview; I looked a right pillock.
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Mar 29, 2010