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Mitchell Peabody
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"In my experience, speech is one of the least effective, inefficient forms of communicating with other human beings." Jeff, I respect your experience, but I completely disagree with your implied conclusion. Yes, speech is inexact, and people can ramble, but the density of information sent back and forth via the human voice isn't restricted to only the words spoken. Tons of subtle cues that we take for granted in day-to-day communication - stress, tone, intonation, pauses, etc - alter meanings and advance conversation. This all gets stripped in other forms of communication, for example, email. I can not tell you the number of times where a situation came up in my work where email kept getting passed back and forth trying to resolve an issue. A quick phone call ultimately resolved the issue/misunderstanding in 30 seconds. I now use a rule of thumb now that if more than 4 round trips occur for a given issue, I pick up the phone and give the person a call.
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Jun 21, 2010