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Mitch Nauffts
New York City
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Hi, Bruce. Your questions are excellent -- and re-frame the issue in a way that is more conducive to constructive conversation. I'll take a crack at the first one -- Which problems could benefit the most from a collaborative approach? Seems to me that any attempt to answer that question sooner or later must come around to climate change, by virtue of the fact that, in terms of scope and cost, it's the biggest and most daunting. In that vein, any social problem whose core dynamic involves the use of a "commons" would seem to be a candidate for a collaborative approach. Obviously, a lot of these fall under the heading of land and resource use. But what about an issue like net neutrality? Or, less obviously perhaps, early childhood education? Others? Think we probably need a few more before we move on to your second question, How would you prioritize?
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Thanks, Daniel. We didn't have anyone at SXSW this year, and I haven't seen much in the way of nonprofit tech/coverage from the conference. Agree with you that almost everyone seemed to be at or following (on twitter) the NTEN conference. They did a great job.
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