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Stefan Mitich
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Mr Howard saId that comment few days before the election and nobody noticed = didn't influenced the outcome of that election. But it did influence the following election. People were constantly listening about that comment for many years and interpreted it as: ABC cannot find any dirth on the man = keeps to same comment = the following election his vote increased... Julia said: ''if we turn the boat, they will sinck it'' Not one coment was followed on that by the bias media. Q: which is more drastic: children overboard, or they will sink the boat?! 10 years on - it's still children overboard. People on the street are commenting as: abuse of priviliged position / misaproppriation of taxpayer's $$$ = reason more and more ALP's traditional supporters are losing respect for Julia & ABC Pty Ltd = North Korea, here we come...
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Jul 7, 2011