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In school I learned how to work with wood, metal, how to cook and sow. Just because I was exposed to these skills does not mean that they would be a life defining talents. later, in my first appartment I learned electrucity and plumbing. Does this help me in my job? heck no! Does it help me as a PERSON, HELL YES! Should everyone be a programmer? Of coarse not! Should everyone get a glimpse of what it is? Perhaps a little fortran or pascal? For sure. If nothing else, just to aquire a sense of LOGIC which is very rare today. Coding is plumbing, both make sure that all that is supposed to flow... flows. So yes, woodshop, metal, cooking, sewing, coding, plumbing.. should all be mandatory from grade 8 to 10.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on Please Don't Learn to Code at Coding Horror
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May 15, 2012