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Can you tell me more about Unwritten? I read the first few issues and it didn't grab me. The other day I noticed they are up to issue 23 or something. Guess I missed something...
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I like Marvel, DC as well as other stuff like Invincible, Walking Dead, Hellboy, etc. DC right now is a mess however. They've either killed off or retired the successors to a lot of characters so they could bring back the originals (Aquaman, Atom, Flash, Hawkgirl, Hawk, etc.) or because they were scared of fan outlash, have both old and new characters around. Do we need FOUR Green Lanterns from Earth? All FIVE Robins are alive and kicking now in various identities (Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie AND Damian). Why does DC hand over HUGE parts of their universe to Grant Morrison? Sure Animal Man and Doom Patrol were great Vertigo books and JLA had some high points but since then? Infinite Crisis was incomprehensible. Seven Soldiers was a mess. The whole last few years of Batman has been just dumb, especially the whole "I'm not Batman I just support his lifestyle" concept. Yeah, right. I love the characters and when you gave a good writer-artist team, they still have some great comics. But there is no direction. I sometimes wonder if I could hear the DC editors talking if I would hear something like, "That didn't work, try this. That didn't work, try this. That didn't work, try this." And so on. I'm dreading Flashpoint and can only hope they get back to basics after that.
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Mar 23, 2011