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Can I get a version where the sword is already glowing blue? Sadly, I must confess, that I am a rules lawyer, but strictly in the role of public defender. It's not an uncommon thing to see older, more experience, players brow beating newbies to demonstrate their superior knowledge. It happens to the best of us at times, the temptation. Often, the poor newb is robbed of their hard earned xp or magic item at the twist of fate - which is where I, the public defender rules lawyer, step in to take the case. Recently, I was able to overturn a house rule a DM had put in place in regards to the pricing of certain magic items (I'll spare you the gory, geeky details of the full argument), and after the game was over, I was approached by another player who thanked me. Apparently the DM was using the same rule several of his games, and my case created a new precedent that brought rejoicing from many tables. So yes, hate me, for being a rules lawyer. Hate me for bringing the game to a crashing halt when I point out the fact that the dragon in question is red (not white), and therefore is not immune to cold. Just remember that I'm out there fighting for you, the player.
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Jun 24, 2010