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Matt S
A man who eats lunch
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Lots of varied lunches recently, looking back over the blog. It was back to basics today, with a cheese sarnie and crisps. Though not just any crisps - Sainsbury's finest beef and ale! And not just any sandwich - French bread from the Bread Stall on Northcote Road and cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company. I've blogged about this lot before, they make fantastic cheese. Today was Bouncing Berry cheddar - cheddar with cranberries in it. Yum yum yum. Then a Creme Egg to follow - because I've only got a few months to eat them before Easter! Ah Creme... Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2010 at Lunching Man
Friday was a restaurant day, for a business meeting. Should I blog about non-home-cooked food? Maybe not, but I'm making up the rules as I go along - a French restaurant near Kew Gardens called Ma Cuisine. Very nice it was too! Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2010 at Lunching Man
Sorry, been away from this too long - busy busy busy. Busy? Yep, busy. Busy as a one-legged man at some sort of kicking contest. Still, better let you know what I've been up to, lunch-wise. Weds was going to be a basic lunch - leftover roast potatoes and bacon from the day before. But it was livened up by my lovely girlfriend! It was our anniversary and among my gifts were peanut butter and bacon cookies she'd made. Yep, peanut butter and bacon - I felt like Vegas Elvis. Mmmmmmm. Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2010 at Lunching Man
Sometimes there's nothing better than a big bowl of roast potatoes. Such it was today, using up some leftover potatoes from dinner on the weekend (which was haggis, neeps and tatties in honour of Burns). Cut up, skins left on, parboiled, whacked in the oven for an hour with salt, a chopped up red onion, oil and bacon. Lovely plain simple hot food. Good for the soul! Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2010 at Lunching Man
Leftovers today from Sunday night's dinner - roast veg, couscous and sausages. Lovely - and really good quality sausages from Hennessy's Butchers on Northcote Road. I like Northcote Road a lot, it has good food on it. It is right in the heart of Clapham's nappy valley however, so you do normally need to keep your wits about you to dodge the Persephones and Tarquins allowed to rampage around on their scooters. When I was a child I'm fairly certain I was terrified of adults. Modern children should also be, and leave to do my shopping in peace - or... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2010 at Lunching Man
Leftovers again today, of a really nice salad of courgettes - or as the Americans say, zucchini. Here's the recipe - this is all mine folks! Per person: 1.5 courgettes, sliced in ribbons (use a nice wide-blade peeler and just run down the side) 2 rashers bacon 30g goats cheese handful pumpkin seeds Fry the bacon (I used the lean mean grill...). Stir fry the courgettes, adding loads of lemon juice for taste. Cut up the cooked bacon, toss with the courgettes. Put on plate, top with crumbled goats cheese and pumpkin seeds. Lovely! For dinner last night, had this... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2010 at Lunching Man
Pasta and pesto today. Sometime before Christmas, I got terribly ill on the same night I'd eaten pasta and pesto, which rather put me off this staple. Glad to say I was back on the horse today though, and very nice it was too. With some cheese and tuna. So I hope pesto counts as a veg - it has basil in it, after all. Even better - a creme egg for afters. :-D Now those are good - perhaps my favourite sweet. Yes, probably they are. Mars Bars would have run them a close second once but no longer.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2010 at Lunching Man
God, these title puns are getting worse... This is an odd one, but I had an omelette for lunch today and this was the first omelette I'd ever made. Let me repeat that - this was the first one I'd ever made. I cook a lot, I like cooking, and I quite like omelettes, but had never made one. Is that odd? To reach 29 and never make an omelette? Felt odd. The omelette making was provoked by a bread shortage, meaning I had to have a cheese and chorizo omelette (using up leftovers from that pasta bake, you see)... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2010 at Lunching Man
No rebellion to suppress, I was struggling to think of a pun. I guess I could give you some tortuous metaphor about suppressing the hunger rebellion, but essentially this is just a long way of saying I had soup for lunch on Tuesday. Well, technically goulash - bit of a halfway house. To me, a proper goulash has big hunks of meat in it and so on, and rich thick sauce. This was from the Waitrose soup range and was more like a hearty soup. Certainly not a stew, perhaps a broth? Tasty anyway. Not enough tomato or paprika, too... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2010 at Lunching Man
Ah-ha! Not even a month in and he's already skipping out whole days and not blogging. Useless - sorry, have been busy. Not really busy, I've not been negotiating at Stormont or anything (or have I? I seem to know a lot about it for someone who says they weren't there...). But you know when you are slightly busy, and it's just busy enough for you to say 'I can't do that, I'm far too busy'. I hate that feeling. I don't mind having literally nothing to do, and I don't mind being really busy - so busy you don't... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2010 at Lunching Man
Nonsense of a lunch today, but it ended with some nice food. Went up to the City (as in the financial district of that London) to meet someone. However, they got called into a meeting with their boss 2 minutes before they were due to meet me. Couldn't really say no, to be fair to them, but it still left me in the rain for an hour wondering what was going on - I knew they were in a meeting, but had assumed they'd be out in a minute. Anyway, eventually I stomped off to Hummus Bros. This is a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2010 at Lunching Man
Bonjour! Nice to be back composing after a long weekend in Scotland. As I said in my last post, this is a blog just about work lunches, so I didn't blog about my Scottish food, but since you are all so eager to know, here's a window into the three days - smoked salmon bagel, sausage and mash from Monster Mash, marmite on toast. In other news, I got Frontier: First Encounters up and working! Running the old Barnard's Star-Sol trade route as we speak. Today's lunch was veg heavy, never a bad thing after time in Scotland (sorry, Scots,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2010 at Lunching Man
Another edition of the pate, ham, gherkins, pork pie lunch today. Lovely. Next Monday and Tuesday I'm in Scotland, so may not blog on my lunches there. If they are interesting I will mention perhaps, but this is largely devoted to office lunches AND THAT'S IT. But of course this is Friday, so Friday fun is in action. And today's Friday fun is a reminder of a classic classic item of my childhood - Frontier: Elite II. The original Elite game was good, but I was perhaps too young to appreciate it. Frontier First Encounters, the third instalment, was also... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2010 at Lunching Man
More pâté on bread again today, really very nice, though today improved still further by the addition of a few pickled gherkins and a slice of pork pie. Pork pie is one of my absolute favourites, really can't beat it. Not a Melton Mowbray, but from the Tettenhall butchers I have praised in previous posts. Mmm. Watched John Hurt's portrayal of Quentin Crisp in 'An Englishman In New York' over lunch - very very good, and a surprisingly brave show for ITV, especially at Christmas (I watched it on the net, but it was originally shown in the week between... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2010 at Lunching Man
Back to raiding the Christmas hamper, with just three slices of ham left now! Today was not ham though but pâté. The pâté was just from Sainsbury's, though it is nice stuff with champagne in it. Snaffled it from the fridge before I came back to London after Christmas because apparently nobody else wanted it. Had it on french bread - bish bash bosh. Nice and simple. I wanted to have it on toast but my toaster seems broken. Need to get that sorted! Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2010 at Lunching Man
Leftovers are one of the best things to have for lunch, because you get all the depth and complexity and richness of a proper cooked dinner, but you can correct any errors by adding new things. So it was with yesterday's lunch - a roast veg and pork wrap. Basic wraps from a pack, spread with hummus, and containing roast onion, pepper, garlic, mushrooms and aubergine. The pork came from a lovely pork and apple burger from Robinsons Butchers, one of the best butchers I have ever been to. It's in Tettenhall, a small place near Wolverhampton where my girlfriend's... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2010 at Lunching Man
God dag! That's hello in Swedish. Which is suitable as today was a bit of a scandic lunch - herring, potato salad, gherkins. Lovely. Bit unsuitable for the continuing coldness perhaps, but there we go. Tasty. Herring was simply from a jar from Ikea. Man of the people me! Potato salad also from a tub, this time from Sainsburys. Yes, I could make my own, but I'm tired. Feet are warm though - new thermal socks from my girlfriend's mum :-) Got work this evening, first booking of the year, so should prob have eaten a bit more to get... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at Lunching Man
As regular readers (ha!) will know, yesterday was a soup making today. Today was consequently an 'eating the second half of the soup' day. And lovely it was too. But all gone now. For the recipe, see yesterday's post. But I can't leave you with that brevity, not on a Friday. So what Friday fun can I give you? Well how about a link to Back of the Net - if you haven't seen this, it is an excellent comedy football blog written by comedian Mark Watson and, I believe, his brother who is national manager of a minor Micronesian... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2010 at Lunching Man
You'll be pleased to know this isn't only a blog about ham sandwiches - it's now a blog about ham soup! In a desperate effort to use up more of the Christmas ham, I used this recipe for split pea and ham soup. Like the ham, it was from Waitrose. This involved getting to my local Sainsbury's, a ten minute walk which turned into a 20 minute slippy slidey nightmare thanks to the snow. Snow is pretty, I'll admit. But after 20 minutes of people going about their daily lives it becomes a compacted ice rink which is treacherous and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at Lunching Man
Freezing weather here today. Revisited the ham sandwich option (this £3 ham from Waitrose was really very very large), toasted with cranberry sauce. However, a new addition improved the mix still further - Black Bomber extra mature cheddar cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company. I first came across this firm at a food fair a couple of years ago. Just before Christmas I saw them again at a Christmas food fair and picked up three of their cheeses - a Black Bomber, Bouncing Berry (cheddar with cranberries) and Pickle Power (cheddar with pickles). They are great! Glad I stocked up... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2010 at Lunching Man
Right then, catching up with the lunches by doing two posts in one day! Today was a revisit to the ham, with vast improvements. a) New bread, thinly sliced b) No Philadelphia cheese c) Cranberry sauce, leftover from Christmas - here's the masterstroke. Wasn't sure if it would work, but I don't know why I doubted it - ham and cranberry sauce are ideal together. The dry stodginess of yesterday was gone, and in its place a lovely sweetness to cut through the ham. d) Heat! I have one of those healthy grill things - the type of thing George... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2010 at Lunching Man
Ahoy-hoy! First post up then. Basically, I like my lunch. I like all food, but I really love lunch. It's the perfect meal. In the evening, you're tired, cooking's a chore - can be fun, can be lots of fun, but halfway through anything new or exciting you realise that it's already 9pm and you're tired and want to eat. Breakfast? Breakfast is just fuel. But lunch, lunch is the real deal/meal. It has far more variety than other meals - cold or hot? Leftovers or something new? Sandwich, soup or salad? I love them all. And I aim to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2010 at Lunching Man
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