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Windows is probably the most consistent UI I have ever seen. I mainly develop for Obj-C for the Mac but also do .NET. Windows 3.1 they have the crappiest UI ever, way behind the Mac of the time. Windows 95 threw the Mac way behind. What Microsoft dosen't realize is we want a transition not a flip. Apple is a great example as well as Linux. Apple took OS 9 and built OS X and gave developers Carbon to make it transition. Linux had GNOME and is transitioning into Unity, slowly. This causes developers little grief. Microsoft is a victim of their own success. XP comes along and they repackaged the UI into colors. Vista introduces Aero, glass on top of a 15 year old UI. Now they want to shove Metro down my throat. I understand why is that they see Apple making iPhone features look good on the Mac like Launchpad, but if I wanted that on Windows I configure it (something the Mac is horrible at customization). MS dosen't understand transition. It is giving a choice to the users that makes the OS usable to us developers.
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Jul 30, 2012