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Ameren has sent me a similar report here in St. Louis, MO. My usage is far below average. But then I have triple pane windows, hefty insulation, an efficient water heater set on the first notch above vacation mode, and thermostat on each floor programmed to heat/cool only during times we are typically in the space. Our water heater still supplies enough hot water for a 15 minute shower, or a load of laundry, or a run of the dishwasher. The dishwasher is usually started on a delay to run over night. Our heat is set to 73 in the winter and AC to 76 in the summer, at least for the scheduled times. Heat is set to 64 and the AC to 84 during times when those spaces are not in use. My home office is in the basement, so summer times don't require the AC schedule to change on work days. In winter I dress warmer and occasionally supplement with a space heater at my feet. I've only bought CFL bulbs for the last 5+ years. Recently I started purchased LED bulbs only when a CFL stops working, which is only 4 candelabra bulbs so far. We are getting 4kWh of solar panels installed this month. The federal government is paying for 30% via a tax credit, and Ameren is paying for a large chunk after 60 days of install as well. The balance of the panel cost will be paid off in 4.5 years of energy use savings (and kW sales back to Ameren). I don't feel like any of these changes were hard to make, but I only changed one thing at a time and these were made over a long period of time.
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