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mike a
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Wishing total failure is all we have left. Sidenote: I like to think that Marino muttered to Joe Rose as pic was snapped, "You better not blink, asshole, cause I'm not fucking taking another one."
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This fucking team has me conditioned to expect everything to unfold like a Greek tragedy. Either Indy, Denver, or KC drafts Luck and he becomes the greatest QB ever, or the Dolphins draft him, and the NFL promptly announces a ban on the forward pass.
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Vinbob, you are a genius.
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I'm done with these sackless assholes.
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Ireland, Sparano and the rest of these Parcells lackeys couldn't be more stuck in the 80s if they fucking wore piano ties and listened to Devo. I know C/G needed to be addressed, and Pouncey *should* solidify our line, but like DRK said, he won't be scoring TDs. I would have taken less issue with this pick if they had a second round pick. The idea of taking him at 15 knowing they may not get another pick til round 3 and missing out on a playmaker really chaps my ass.
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Like the Dude said, if we get Cowher, cool, if we don't, whatever. Personally I would love to see some new blood take over this team who is not afraid to, you know, score points via touchdowns? A scary and radical concept for this franchise, I know. Jim Harbaugh would be a guy I'd love to see, even though I'm sure there are a lot of questions surrounding his ability to translate his Pac 10 success in the pros. But I'd take that chance. His bro is getting it done in Baltimore, and Jim ripped us apart many years ago as quarterback of the Colts, coming back from 21 or 24 points at halftime for good measure (Remember that game? Sorry to bring back more bad memories) Who knows, he may go to Michigan or the Cowboys or Panthers or who the fuck knows where and we'll continue to celebrate field goals like Michael Jordan hitting the shot on the Cavs. /looks for something sharp
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Posted Jan 21, 2010 at mike a's blog
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Jan 21, 2010