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Dear BCG, Great to have seen you again at ALA, and so glad you like my hats. I've worn them since high school and have so much fun with them; wait until I break out some of my truly flamboyant ones! I'm not competing for that fab bracelet, but I have to share that I grew up in a truly tiny town, where there wasn't a movie theater or even a McDonald's, but there was a library, and I persuaded the librarians to waive the 5-book limit so that I could pile my bicycle basket full of books once a week. One of the wonderful ladies recommended LITTLE WOMEN, which is the book that made me want to be a writer (like Joe) and also the Hobbit (before anyone in this country had even heard of Tolkien). I read all the time, even under my blanket with a flashlight, until one day after I almost burned the house down (flashlights could get hot way back then). Realizing that there was no way to keep me from reading at night my parents officially lifted my "lights out" time, thinking it was better to let me read than risk another fire. I went to a library recently that hosted a "book club tea" for all the local book clubs to meet and swap ideas, and it was a blast. Happy reading!
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Jul 25, 2010