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"I agree with the people above me, that is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard." That's how I feel about a lot of the comments that get horribly offended at the idea that RAM might actually be a better solution than clever code in a lot of situations. Let's say you have a dataset of, oh, let's say 4 GiB. You want to process this data in some way, each "chunk" of data is 64 kiB (65536 chunks to process). Now, assuming that processing each chunk incurs an overhead of another 256 kiB while procesing and the processed data also takes up 64 kiB (I'm just making up numbers here) this means if you just dump the whole dataset to RAM, run process it using four threads and then dump the entire resulting dataset to RAM as well before saving it back to disk you will be using roughly 8 GiB of RAM but writing the code is fast (and you can focus in making the actual processing fast). Now, the "OMGZORZ!!1 RAM IS A RARE COMMODITY!" approach taken to its extreme would of course be to figure out an algorithm that allows you to queue chunks of data so that you are using 4x64 + 4x256 kiB of RAM for processing with a queue that is just long enough that your queue is never empty while still not wasting RAM. The latter approach makes sense when the dataset is large enough that you can't use the first one (or rather, where the development time for the latter one is less than the hardware cost for the first one). Once upon a time lots of problems had this issue because RAM was expensive, I remember writing little games in c + x86 asm and trying to squueze as much info as possible out of every byte of RAM, these days it often doesn't make sense solving these "problems" because they aren't problems. (Please don't assume that I'm in favor of unnecessary bloat, I just don't get why some people are obsessed with not "wasting" RAM and refuse to just get more RAM)
I used to be a Model M user, I still have a Model M from 1984 that I used to use all the time. I also loved my SGI "graphite" keyboard but after I got a wireless Apple keyboard, the current alu model, I've been hooked. It's basically like a very good laptop keyboard, short key travel and a very good feel...
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Wow, it always amazes me how many things people carry around. Sure, when I was a teenager I actually carried bolt cutters and lots of other tools in my backpack but I had "good" reasons for it... These days I make a distinction between what I carry on my person and what I carry in my bag (courier bag). On me at all times is: * Keychain with just keys * Lighter + cigarettes (* Wallet if going to a club or bar) In my bag I tend to have: * Wallet (when it's not necessary to keep it on me) * Small sketchbook * Pens and pencils * iPhone Anything else is stuff I bring if I think I may need it, although over many years of crazy penniless trips over long distances I seem to have learned how to survive most situations without bringing more than the bare minimum (e.g. "bare minimum" for a camping trip would be a sleeping bag, food for a day or two and the clothes on your back, not "GPS, Two tents just in case, self-inflating mattress, porta-potty, cellphone...").
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Aug 26, 2010