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@Ron - I always get a kick out of the "Meet me under the clock" stories... since the Marshall Field store has a clock at State & Washington, and another (identical, as far as I know) at State & Randolph. I wonder how many meet-ups have been messed up as a result?
These drawings are a real find, and fascinating to see. We may never know if this design was Sullivan's. Winslow Brothers did the ironwork for Sullivan's portions of the building, and could have "extrapolated" Sullivan's style. Schlesinger & Mayer commissioned Sullivan for the original section on Madison, and also the landmark addition onto State Street. But by 1904 Schlesinger & Mayer sold the store to Carson Pirie Scott; they may have been overextended by the ambitious (and costly) addition. Carson's gave the commission for the 1906 addition to Burnham & Co., not Sullivan. And Sullivan was clearly bitter, maybe heartbroken, about the whole chain of events. While Schlesinger & Mayer is arguably Sullivan's most lauded work, Sullivan made no mention of it in his autobiography. Shameless plug for the Chicago Architecture Foundation walking tour focused on Louis Sullivan, which includes Schlesinger & Mayer: (I'm one of the volunteer docents) (( @T.E.Vernier - Yes, First National Bank had a landmark clock as well. It now resides in the "Chase Plaza", south of Chase Tower, née One First National Plaza. ))
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Mar 22, 2011