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Terry Snipes
A professional writer and life coach with experience in life and love.
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No, Rachel. You aint seen nothin' yet!
Rachel I'm so glad that you finally decided to stop by my website and say hello. lol Sally Yeah, I don't think he should go 'dick dipping' while her puss goes sour. LOL. I love your comments. Bang Truer words have never been spoken.
I find it so strange that she wants a dog to substitute a HUMAN BEING! Makes me wonder just how important us men are to women... - Trew Life
I know this message is late, but I AGREE 100% WITH YOU, SHASHA! lol
That is a good question, Christy Z. Thats why I posted this. I wanted to know why women decide to go after what they can't have... On second thought, why do men do it as well?
I just hate it when people make such vague e-mail questions. I guess whoever it was expected me to know that they were asking for advice. Hell, they could have just been sharing with the world her STD! :-)