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I've met a lot of "famous" people. I'm not bragging, it's just a fact. I seem to have a knack of being in the right place at the right time. Something I've learned is that famous people are, first and foremost, people. They have good days, they have bad days. They like uninterrupted time with friends and family, and they appreciate their fans even though they don't always have the time to show it like their fans want them to all the time. That said, you, Wil, and Henry Rollins are by far the most approachable "famous" people out there. It is easy as pie to get a picture and/or an autograph from either of you, and it won't cost a cent. I think that both of you have not only this in common, but also a curiosity(or humbleness) as to why anyone would want their autograph. Moving on, it makes zero, and I mean zero, sense to camp out to get autographs from either one of you. Let me repeat, it is EASY to get your autograph in an appropriate setting so why would you waste the time and effort to camp out for it? Oh yeah, right, crazy people. You were fine to do what you did (Rollins would have yelled in a low, guttural, "I'm going to kill you if you don't back off" tone, so you could have been much worse). Crazy people will always be crazy, you can't change that, and no matter what you did or said, they would still be crazy and say crazy things about you. That's their problem, not yours. If they can't understand that you are HUMAN, they have issues. Go ahead and vent, it's what we, your FANS, are here for, and know that we appreciate you and what you do for us. :)
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I was violently raped and sodomized over a period of several hours almost twenty years ago. It is something I have gotten over, for the most part. However, I still cannot stand to have strangers touch me. I flew from Seattle to Utah over the Christmas holidays and was terrified, yes, TERRIFIED, of being "patted down." Just the possibility of it put me into a panic attack. If I had actually been forced to go through it, I have no doubt I would have had a mental breakdown right there in the airport. I have since moved to Utah just so I would be closer to my aging parents and, hopefully, will never be in a position to fly again. At least, I hope not to ever have to fly until they have eliminated this nonsense. Israel has some of the toughest airport security available. Somehow, they manage to do it without sexually assaulting anyone. Go figure... Something needs to be done. I realize that flying is "voluntary." However, for many, it isn't necessarily as voluntary as one would think. These gropings in the name of security are just wrong. Even with the enhanced scan, they can call you aside to grope you if they feel it necessary, and one can do NOTHING about it. If you cry foul, they can not only refuse to allow you to fly, but can also have you arrested. It's crazy and does nothing to make us safer.
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I was a senior in high school sitting in my calculus class. They came on over the intercom and announced what had happened. Most of us were very shaken. You see, most of our parents worked at Thiokol, including my father who was a major part of the solid rocket motor booster program. This hit home for us. I was the editor of the high school newspaper, and we dedicated a whole issue to it; what were your thoughts, what about the future in space, what now, etc. This was a day that has stuck in my mind forever, frozen in time. My father still cannot talk about it without tearing up, and he isn't one to cry, trust me. The fact that we can leave this planet is amazing. Trying to grasp the full meaning is like trying to grasp the meaning of infinity; our puny human minds cannot fully understand. All I know is that I am glad to be in this time of exploration, and I hope that, as the Shuttle program draws to an end, the US will somehow continue to be the frontrunners in space. I will never forget the Challenger and those heroes that gave their all.
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Dec 16, 2010