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So much to comment on here..... Stanton ? Family reasons ? and is the only one not to be there ? Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiight, and pigs can fly too. As for Kirkland, he had 9 months to commit and he didn't. Golden was right. As for the Dolphins - Ireland will screw this off-season up and put us behind for years to come. Ross should have been smart enough to dump him 2 years ago.
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Stanton missing the All-Star game means who replaces him ? It has to be a Marlins since we have to have one in the game and Stanton was our lone representitive As for Loria, I can see him dumping payroll and having a firesale. I actually agree with it. This crowd isn't going to win anyways, so scrap it and start with fresh prospects. Yelich & Realmutto look like the real deal and could be ready by next year.
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Jul 4, 2012