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Amazing Things Arts Center Framingham Ma
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I agree with you that the sample size is small I was happy to see that he did get an assist Saturday night. I do hope that green can "contribute [offensively] without the ball at a higher level as time goes by. The Celtics are so much about teamwork - as much or more than any other team. Paul could be a "gunner" but chooses not to be. I am not prepared to classify Jeff as a gunner in the tradition of the "Tommy Gunner" himself or Danny or Kevin McHale who - of course - had the reputation of being a black hole in the post. Shawncvd claims "non story" as Jeff is shooting 52% which is true - but all the C's starters are shooting 50% or better. Let's see as time goes by. --
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I'm concerned with Jeff Green. if you look at the average number of minutes between assists for the teammates, Pierce averages about 11 Ray 13 1/2 Kevin 13 Rondo of course 3.2 West has 7.7. On the other hand Jeff Green goes an average of 77 min. between assists or 0.3 per game. This is a team that needs to share the ball this is the team that gives the ball up for teammates. It's exciting to see a fast offensive scoring forward active and posting up defenders pretty, but that is not the Celtics style. They win by sharing the ball, by getting each other the better and best shots. If Green continues to be a black hole in the offense the other players will slowly stop moving. Even comparing Green to baby who is known for rather sticky hands, baby has an assist rate three times greater than Jeff Green's. This is a real problem for Celtic style basketball.
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Mar 19, 2011