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Ups, the link was broken, its working now.
I hope not :-) -M.
Hi Dominic, ...or, to offer an alternative, by 2017, most people might use several VoIP services such as Skype, Whatsapp, etc. etc. Traditional voice service with a traditional phone number attached will be just one of many ways to stay in touch. In other words, voice would go the same way as SMS has already gone today for most people. When I look at how many people are already using mobile voice (and video) over IP today, including me, and how well it works, I dont think its a utopian scenario but rather likely to happen. In such a scenario, occasional roaming with a home SIM will cover the needs of most travelers. And if you stay longer in a country you get a local SIM and other local connectivity. No need for a phone number for those at home anymore. Cheers, Martin
Hi Reinhard, both look nice as well and Textsecure is even OpenSource, which for me is essential when it comes to trust. Interesting alternatives but personally, I prefer running my own server at home and the xmpp federation approach of servers talking to each other. Cheers, Martin
You can find it here: Good luck, Martin
Hi David, with first I meant deactivating MMS delivery becasue of a security issue. Cheers, Martin
Hi Antoine, In 2009... I was trying to do just about all of my computing from either the N8 or N97 Yes, interesting, same here! I even had one of those gorgeous Nokia foldable aluminum Bluetooth keyboards and experimented a lot around creation vs. just consumption on mobiles. But it didnt work for me in then end. Today Im back to consumption on the mobile, creation on the desktop, not including things like posting pictures and small text snippets to Facebook which I dont do for privacy reasons. For me technology has moved on towards how tablet like can a desktop experience become for content creation before the drawbacks such as smaller screen size, limited multitasking due to the GUI, etc. eat up the benefits. Still interesting, but quite different to back then and a lot of people with spirit and enthusiasm seem to have left in the meantime. Cheers, Martin
Darn, its GB of course :-) Thanks :-)
Hi Christian, very interesting information, thanks for the link! Good to know competition is ramping up! Cheers, Martin
Hi, from what Ive read I think they are mainly aiming for fixed installations and home routers. Also, the 450 MHz band does not particularly suitable when it comes to small antennas that fit inside smartphones... Martin
LTE 450!? Interesting, I had a closer look and wrote a new post on this: So just a comment on [...] re-using the legacy network resources like base stations, sites, power, and antennas [...] Is it really possible to reuse a CDMA 450 base station for LTE 450? : Sure it is, its not unheard of that the container or box housing the equipment is re-used for new equipment... ;-) -Martin
Hi Mark, thanks for the info, very interesting. You seem to have made a little typo in your post, according to the article you linked to, its not 2x25 MHz but 2x15 MHz in the 900 MHz band. Cheers, Martin
Hi Colorado, without access to proprietary tools thats the best way to do it.
Not that Im aware of. Yes, ac seems to still take a bit of time...
Hi, indeed, that works, how interesting! -Martin
Hi, thanks for the detailed comment! Yes, I agree my argument is shaky but the current situation is not ideal either... I think the last thing that should happen is a re-nationalisation of telecommunication. Those who lived in the 1980s and 90s still remember how that was and have no desire to go back. I like your tri-lema separation because it actually fits my thinking. Instead of a country re-nationalizing telecommunication, I was suggesting laying the empty pipes because the groundwork is the expensive thing. No need for network operators to pay for that, this could be done with taxes like other infrastructure is paid for we use today (e.g. roads). This isnt a silver bullet but would perhaps help to ensure 1) we are not returning to a monopoly 2) make prices consumers have to pay beyond their taxes that goes into the pipe infrastructure reasonable and 3) help to deploy fiber to the countryside as well. Cheers, Martin
Working now, thanks! Martin
Hi David, yes, reality and advertisement doesnt seem to be the same thing. I guess what they mean is the 1 Gbit/s speed of the Ethernet port rather than what their throttling allows :-) -Martin
Hi Dominic, from a timeline point, UMTS squeezed into the 2100 MHz band and also the 900 MHz band to some extent. More was not available. Once auctions for other bands were over, LTE was already far enough in its development cycle so nobody seriously considered pushing UMTS there and then to replace it by LTE. Economically there is perhaps an advantage for LTE as a single carrier can be up to 20 MHz, which perhaps (or perhaps also not these days) requires less hardware. But I think we passed the point of looking on it this way :-) Cheers, Martin
Hi Mark, thanks for the info, good to know for my next trip to the UK! Cheers, Martin
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2014 on My First Prepaid LTE Experience at WirelessMoves
Hi Thomas, Thanks for your comment. Hm, perhaps there is a misunderstanding here, because keeping the PDP context when switching back from 2G/3G for LTE is a standard UE feature and also a standard network feature. I havent come accross a single GSM/UMTS/LTE capable device or a single network since LTE was launched back in 2009/2010 that could not do this. Cheers, Martin
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2014 on My First Prepaid LTE Experience at WirelessMoves
Hi Trevor, thanks for the comment. Hm, you must have gotten something wrong here. The LTE Cat 3 limit on layer 1 is 100 Mbit/s, not 51. Wich Cat 3 mobiles, I easily reach well over 90 Mbit/s in a 20 MHz carrier in Germany in a live network. In this particular case the UE was Cat 4, so its definitely not a mobile issue :-) Cheers, Martin
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2014 on My First Prepaid LTE Experience at WirelessMoves
Hi Mark, my experience is a bit different: T-Mobile Germany does CSFB to 3G in cities, Mobistar in Belgium does CSFB to 3G, KPN Holland does CSFB to 3G, T-Mobile Holland does CSFB to 3G. Sufficient good examples :-) Cheers, Martin