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Suzette Mocarski
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It's nice to see an informed opinion. I agree with many of the opinions above. A download doesn't automatically equal a lost sale. I am old enough to have taped song after song from the radio to a cassette (and even a reel to reel) so I could hear them whenever I want. I did the same with my trusty VCR and my television. It didn't stop me from buying everything I could afford and nobody considered me a criminal if I made a tape for my best friend. There is a difference. I think people deserve pay for their work but I don't think torrents are putting anyone in the poorhouse either. And that doesn't even address the "legal" torrents which, as you said, save a lot of time and are super convenient. There is too much effort being expended trying to control every aspect of the internet. It's a great tool and getting the government involved in regulating it is bound to ruin it sooner or later.
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May 16, 2012