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Mo Crow
Sydney, Australia
illustrating the lyrics of Old Man Crow one song at a time
Interests: illustration, bookbinding, music, crows, cats, looking after our beautiful planet for the seventh generations
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beautiful process
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and re gourds, I had a fling with them in 2006, they were such wily things to work with! they have their own ideas about what's allowed to be done to their skin and let you know!
when I was younger I felt like I had all the Time in the world to make my dreams then when I nearly died on the operating table for throat cancer I realized very deeply that I have been given just a little more time and am working hard to realize as many of the dreams I can ever since...
my partner at the time was very handy, he built a super efficient refrigerator out of welded stainless steel with a 12V compressor, it worked very well, froze things in the bottom & kept things cool in the racks in the top. The technology & efficiency has improved so much since then (1983), you will be able to do it but it will be a substantial investment, most of my friends who built their solar arrays 30 years ago have had to replace their storage batteries in the last few years and although they cost a lot the price has gone heaps and the storage capacity is much better. Being independent of the grid will give you a lot more freedom in the years to come.
beautiful (((Hazel))) enjoy your summer with lots of magic & fun in the sun!
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PS to my blurry eyes that second photo of the cloth looks blurry too
warming up with the heat radiating from your red star on this chilly morning here in the Land Down Under
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what a beautiful little table and the copper baskets! when I lived in the bush with solar panels and a pelton wheel in the creek we had a battery array for storage with a 400W inverter for power that worked great for lights, musical amplifiers, my sewing machine and glass engraving but for using heavy power tools we had a petrol generator.
awareness is part of the human condition, as Annie Dillard writes so well in "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" "Living is moving; time is a live creek bearing changing lights. As I move, or as the world moves around me, the fullness of what I see shatters. "Last forever!" Who hasn't prayed that prayer? You were lucky to get it in the first place. The present is a freely given canvas. That it is constantly being ripped apart and washed downstream goes without saying; it is a canvas, nevertheless. But there is more to the present than a series of snapshots. We are not merely sensitized film; we have feelings, a memory for information and an eidetic memory for the imagery of our pasts. Our layered consciousness is a tiered track for an unmatched assortment of concentrically wound reels. Each one plays out for all of life its dazzle and blur of translucent shadow-pictures; each one hums at every moment its own secret melody in its own unique key. We tune in and out. But moments are not lost. Time out of mind is time nevertheless, cumulative, informing the present. From even the deepest slumber you wake with a jolt - older, closer to death, and wiser, grateful for breath. But time is the one thing we have been given, and we have been given to time. Time gives us a whirl. We keep waking from a dream we can't recall, looking around in surprise, and lapsing back, for years on end. All I want to do is stay awake, keep my head up, prop my eyes open, with toothpicks, with trees."
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the magic of light working with time
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beautiful drawing so full of deep magic!
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standing strong with fierce love Crow Woman Extraordinaire
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and here's an excerpt from an article about the work of philosopher/activist Timothy Morton author of "Dark Ecology"in the Guardian last week- "The Anthropocene is not only a period of manmade disruption. It is also a moment of blinking self-awareness, in which the human species is becoming conscious of itself as a planetary force. We’re not only driving global warming and ecological destruction; we know that we are. One of Morton’s most powerful insights is that we are condemned to live with this awareness at all times. It’s there not only when politicians gather to discuss international environmental agreements, but when we do something as mundane as chat about the weather, pick up a plastic bag at the supermarket or water the lawn. We live in a world with a moral calculus that didn’t exist before. Now, doing just about anything is an environmental question. That wasn’t true 60 years ago – or at least people weren’t aware that it was true. Tragically, it is only by despoiling the planet that we have realised just how much a part of it we are.
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it's a 21st C realization as we deal with living in the "Plastiscenic Era" we humans have created... when the Australian artist Shona Wilson exhibited "Plastiscenic Era - future remains" in 2012 the concept still seemed like something that would take place in another x amount of years, only 5 years later the weight of the plastic in our broken world's waterways and oceans is crashing down on us, it's time to shift the dominant paradigm from collective greed to mending our ways
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my printer doesn't print out front and back either, I just print out one page at a time turning each page over to print on the back to save paper and for ease of reading, then bind the pages together by stabbing holes along the edge and stitching it together
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sailing on the sea of dreams
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on a very nice day at handstories
stitching hopes and dreams into the forgotten corners of our beautiful broken world
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on There comes a time... at Spirit Cloth
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” In Madasgascar, large white “goat’s eye” beads can miraculously bring the wearer things that do not actually exist, and so are deemed particularly magical.” from page 101 of “Amulets : a world of secret powers, charms and magic” by Sheila Paine Thames & Hudson 2004 & "All our language is composed of brief little dreams; and the wonderful thing is that we sometimes make of them strangely accurate and marvelously reasonable thoughts. What should we be without the help of that which does not exist? Very little. And our unoccupied minds would languish if fables, mistaken notions, abstractions, beliefs, and monsters, hypotheses, and the so-called problems of metaphysics did not people with beings and objectless images our natural depths and darkness. Myths are the souls of our actions and our loves. We cannot act without moving towards a phantom." - Paul Valéry
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if you print out in greyscale on the fast setting it will use less ink and should only use one black cartridge (don't know what brand you have but that's what I would do with my 7 year old Canon IP 4700) and print out front and back so it would only be 50 sheets of paper
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solace for the Solstice
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(((Grace))) Deborah has done great work for the dingoes, you can download Nourishing Terrains as a 100 page pdf at this link-
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thank you for this beautiful poem, celebrating the longest night of the year here in the Land Down Under
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love the bleeding blue!
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