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The great delusion. How much longer can it go on? I thought it would fall apart years ago but our govt just doubles down.
The hypocrisy of a sycophantic islamophile knows no bounds. So concerned about Russia's gays - homosexuality is not illegal in Russia. Promoting homosexuality is. That's their business. No criticism of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan and many other Muslim majority countries for their criminalization of homosexuality and open persecution. Spare me.
There is a resettlement jihad going on and no one says a word. Check out Ann Corcoran's site refugee resettlement watch. It is amazing. She recently published her summary. Links below. Did you know that including Haitians, Cubans, unaccompanied 'children', the State Dept 'resettles' over 130,000 'refugees', mostly Muslim every year? Make that 132K! And next year 180K. Refugee or asylum status is the E TICKET for immigrants. Instant FULL benefit and welfare rights. Job assistance, housing, and on and on. Over half of refugees are still on welfare 10 years after 'resettlement.' Refugee resettlement is a 5 BILLION $ racket annually. Corrupt and malevolent (to US citizens) NGOs receive more than 95% of their revenue in grants from the State Dept, with practically no oversight except that make their 'refugee quotas.' Someone once said we were broke ;), America isn't broke, we are drowning in money. Just ask the State Dept. Oh and the refugee expenditures for 2013 are record breaking, highest ever.
'motive is not an element in the trial'..are you kidding! Let's recall Zimmerman's trial. The FALSE motive that Zimmerman was out to bag a black kid would be peddled by the prosecutors at every stage, every press conference. You name it. What a bunch of crock.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2013 on Prosecutors: Hasan was on jihad at Atlas Shrugs
I hope Assad's military kills them all. They get their martyrdom and we get rid of them.
According to our govt., Hasan is at war with the 'workplace.'
Why are the Republicans in the House going along with this? Worthless as always.
Khomeini said Islam is SERIOUS business! Indeed. Now here's an interesting angle. China hasn't bad to deal with sharia, or their citizens, except in West China with the Uoogers who like to run thru town stabbing infidels with contaminated needles. Now, here is a Chinese ethnic couple being persecuted under Sharia in Malaysia. What say you China? Sharia ok with you?
The left has overreached. Why are our congressmen allowing this madness? Speak up Senators and Congressmen. Where is the Republican Party denouncing this witch hunt? Are they not part of the govt. and complicit in this? Are they so afraid of offending the black race? Is that fear so powerful they are silenced? Why isn't the Republican party not defending a Hispanic who has been found not guilty? Standing up for this Hispanic man will impress Hispanic Americans AND it is the right thing to do!
So clueless is Obama, or malevolent is more like it. He loves the Saudis. No doubt about that. He hates white people for sure although there are plenty of useful idiots of all races kissing his but. LOL
Now I have a question for Cara Zwibel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. You believe it is legitimate for a police 'hate crime' hall monitor to interfere with a nonMuslim speaking critically of Islam and true believers. Would it be legitimate for Ricky the hall monitor to interfere with a Muslim group bringing a Muslim speaker who is well known to say hateful things about infidels, especially the Jews? Just asking Cara.
It is going to take a lot of dead infidels to get the public arounsed. 3000 wasn't enough. Three in Boston is hardly a blip. Tt's a multifront strategy - occasional infidel slaughters to make the point that the infidels are not safe anywhere, roll out the victim card with the help of the dhimmimedia and a rat's nest of taqiya spewing spokesmen and useful idiots. Then you have the infidel police threaten anyone who wants to speak against jihad and sharia. The Muslims must be ecstatic among themselves. Pretty good acting, all sad, defenseless and innocent in front of the cameras, and laughing at the stupid kaffir behind their backs. It's what Mohammad would do.
It is sad and disturbing that this genocide, yes, genocide takes place and the Western media is absolutely silent. Sad indeed. I could not be a journalist and obey this rule that Islam can't look bad.
Your incompetent State Dept. at work. How incompetent they are. Just the basic twitter research would have pulled this up. Truly a ship of fools at State.
Grover Norquist and Suhal Khan threatened the Board members. If they allow Geller or Spencer to present negative viewpoints of Islam inside the meeting or unoffically outside the CPAC meeting, they would refuse to participate. That's Sharia in action by Muslims inside the conservative movement.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2013 on "CPAC Turns Away Pamela Geller" at Atlas Shrugs
Mavis, the good news is you can change your name to Abd, that's Arabic for "slave' and it is also the Arabic word for a black person. Isn't that great for you! :)
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2013 on "CPAC Turns Away Pamela Geller" at Atlas Shrugs
I really like that Erdogan ad. He kinda grabs you when you initially look at it, then you read what he said. It makes the liars' (Muslims, journalists) life so difficult. Poor babes.
Here's the thing I can't figure out. The truth is out there about Islam's doctrines, jihad and history despite the best efforts in the West to whitewash it all. So, not all the journalists are stupid, and not all the journalists are in denial because of the liberal's first rule for civilization - zero discrimination of all minority ethnicicities and religions regardless of their behavior. So, not all are stupid or their brains mush due to liberalism. That leaves a few who get it. Where are they? Unemployed? I agree with Glick, bring it on. At some point denial will be too painful and plain truth will have to present itself. It all seems prophetic, doesn't it?
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2013 on Muslim Brotherhood Press in the US at Atlas Shrugs
It's great. You can get $10,000,000 in public relations for $70,000. Who can argue with that! Of course, the LSM will be unkinking their undies, but it's irresistable to those obsessed dhimmis.. What if the WH and Obama become involved in denouncing you? PRICELESS! and CAIR, and ISNA and MPAC and ICAN and MSA, get the pliers out because their panties are all bunched up tight! What a laugh riot! And the dhimmis, groveling, gotta love it.
Definitely sue the WMATA. What an easy win that will be. I think the citizens of DC should be up in arms about how the WMATA wastes their money litigating when they have committed blatant discrimination, so easy to prove. What a bunch of losers.
Isn't Allen the utlimate dhimmi general, along with Petraus, with their HOLEY KORAN statements and bowing down to appease Muslim sensibilities. They are embarrassments for infidels everywhere. Don't forget everytime one of our men is slaughtered by their Afghan allies on joint patrols or joint meetings, as far as I am concerned, Allen and Petraus are shooting the weapons at them. Good riddance.
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Oct 13, 2012