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Moise Pippic
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Where are the Scarf cartoons raging at the Syrian Govt killing and shelling and bombing of their own citizens, at the Egyptian Govt killing and stifling of Egyptian civilian mass protests about the Morsi regime, at the Iranian repression and killing of their own citizens, at the Iraqi killings of their own people? Nowhere. Not a peep.But for Scarf who no doubt represents the views of his leftist Hampstead/Islington bleeding heart chums, for Israel to build a wall to prevent the killing of its own citizens - that is a heinous crime against humanity on a par with the Holocaust no less.
The BBC distaste for Israel and Jews is so ingrained and institutionalised that its editors and Board of Governors are unable to comprehend any way of presenting information about them, other than the critical or the contemptuous. Why was the BBC Panorama programme– 'Price Tag Wars' on the subject of alleged West Bank settler violence shown on the evening of the Jewish New Year? Imagine broadcasting an unflattering item about Islam on the eve of Ramadan -it's unthinkable isn't it, because the BBC knows that if they were to schedule such a broadcast at such a time there is a good chance that there would be violent Muslim protests, so the BBC will prudently avoid that possibility. With British Jews however they know they have a soft target. No complaints, no violence, no marches, just supine acquiescence. Auntie knows best,we must be at fault. Forgive us for we have sinned. PS Given that there is a pronunciation unit in the BBC that ties itself into knots training its journalists to pronounce difficult Arab names why are they still unable to pronounce the simple name Haaretz. Its not Haretz BBC,its Haaretz and the faith of this much maligned community is not customarily pronounced a la nouveau BBC style as 'Jew-DAY-ism' but Judaism!!
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Sep 24, 2012