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I am a volunteer for the Darrell Issa's opponent, Democrat Jerry Tetalman. Many of us in California's newly drawn 49th congressional district are working hard to dismiss Issa from his congressional seat so that the Congress can better-off support Obama, in particular, with a jobs bill to help the middle-class. However, voter suppression is the dirty trick of the GOP because they don't have a chance in a fair contest because their platform is regressive. In my mind, voter suppression is a criminal action by any who attempt this and that Darrell Issa has a poor character who is a shill for corporate power. I know Jerry Tetalman to be honest, intelligent and of good character. He is also fiscally responsible and has appealed to many Republicans who have had enough of the radical right and their fear tactics. I am appealing for additional support to help us get the undecided voters in our district to know that they have a sane alternative. Please check his website at and additionally, Youtube has some of his issue speeches. Let's take our country back from the National Rifle Association also.
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Aug 13, 2012