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I'm a far left type person, but I believe in science and reason. I stopped reading your post at "GMOs we've only relatively recently been informed about are shot throughout the food supply, fluoride, bacteriophage viruses ...." Way to sound completely tinfoil hattish and make those of us on the left look bad. GMOs are no different than crops created by selective cross pollination, aside from who's flipping the bits in the genetic code. Most of the rest of the post seems to be the same foaming at the mouth. Stop reading sites like Natural News, they're BS and do nothing but detract from your view, even with people like me who would probably agree with your political standpoints. Heed your own advice, do some reading and learn a lot (yes, this guy is way wrong, but so are you on a lot of points)
Yeah, you're fine. Generally, regardless of the ale type I'm working on, it's one week primary, two secondary, two+ bottle. If I'm working on something where I'm continually adding ingredients during primary/secondary, I may add time on, but for a first brew, 1/2/2 is pretty safe.
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Jul 19, 2011