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I want to emphasize the first two points Michael makes, especially the first one. Since many sites are built with a base layer that is the meat and potatoes of the layout (perhaps contains header and footer) this structuring of files works wonders for management. Thanks for the post. It was getting a little quiet around here!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on What's Wrong With CSS at Coding Horror
there* (sorry no edit) Another thought comes to mind, since precompiling makes sense for repetitious queries wouldn't it be safe to say that such framework elements of a site should use compiled queries? I see for instances of sitemaps and queries that are not parameterized that would be the same across all users in the system that this would be a benefit.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on Compiled or Bust? at Coding Horror
You use LINQ to SQL? I would have figured that your team would have wanted to move to the Entities Framework. Wouldn't their be a small benefit by changing to the Entities framework? Sure you don't get the lazy load and other automated query generation things that LINQ to SQL provides, but the Entities framework is designed to mimic more of how SQL was designed. We recently switched our product over to it and noticed some performance enhancements.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on Compiled or Bust? at Coding Horror
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Mar 19, 2010