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I'm a writer, consultant & dancer with 2 kids, 7 horses and a mission against ageism.
Interests: i grew up on horseback so it remains a passion. i also taught dance for 18 years and still dance with a local dance company. visit for my career focus.
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Yes, I am standing up right now as I type this message. I have two stations in my office so I can alternate between sitting and standing and find that I feel much better overall. Thanks for reading! Kay Kay Van Norman, President Brilliant Aging Authorof Exercise Wellness for OlderAdults (2010) Human Kinetics Publishers The Medias Portrayalof Ageing a chapter in GlobalPopulation Ageing: Peril or Promise? (2012) Global Forum on Ageing
It really is about creating both a physical and emotional environement or culture of aging well. Do your habits support or diminish your chances of aging well. Glad to have you reading from the Phillipines! Kay Kay Van Norman, President Brilliant Aging Author of of book, Exercise Wellness for Older Adults (2010)
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It really is amazing. And we all key off of not only words, but inflection and body language when people speak to us (or about us). Thanks for reading!! Feel free to check out my website at for more articles etc. Kind Regards, Kay Kay Van Norman, President Brilliant Aging Author of of book, Exercise Wellness for Older Adults (2010)
Thanks! Feel free to visit my website at for more articles and information. Kay Kay Van Norman, President Brilliant Aging Author of of book, Exercise Wellness for Older Adults (2010)
It really is about creating lifelong habits that support, rather than diminish, well-being and vitality. And it does needto start inthe schools. Unfortunately, when funding is limited one of the first things to go isphysical/health education. Kay
Id say its better to just move as much as possible. It seems to be beneficial (according to studies) if you just get up and move around every chance you get. Stand up to answer the phone, walk to the next office to talk to someone rather than on the phone, get up and stretch every hour - just remember to move!I spend a lot of time on the computer and try to make myself get up and walk around every hour or so. Always feel better if I do. Thanks for you comments. Kay
I think senior living has focused so hard on independence that it has forgotten that humans by their very naturehave beeninterdependent most of their lives. Youre right about us all having our own strengths/challenges/roles in a community.
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Thanks! Glad to have you on board. Kay
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Thanks, Hope I can be helpful. Kay
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Very true! The rates of obesity and chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease in young people are a testiment to the serious health threat of being sedentary. The human body is 100% built for movement. Kay
Weagree Kevinbut I just dont think the elderly gives the brownie points they deserve. Refering to someone as an elder gives kudos for experience and wisdom that only time can offer. Elderly is unfortunately closely linked with the concept of frailty.Ask someone inyour life who is over 75 if they like to be refered to as elderly - especially someone who sees themselves as being vital and active.
We will become elders unless we die young but its the concept of elderly that is bothersome. Everyone ages differently, just like they have through their full lifespan. How we choose to live our life is more relevant than any age. Kay
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Thanks Brad. Elder is such a good word - until the ly changes the entire meaning. Thanks for reading. Kay
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Mar 15, 2010
Glad I could help! Good luck with your work. Kay
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Hello Gaea, Thank you for connecting. I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the suggestion. Ill figure out how to put my bio. info on the blog. In the meantime you can learn more about me at Kind regards, Kay
I amfamiliar with the Green House project. Bill Thomas has been a pioneer pushing for the rightsof frail older adults to be treated as whole people.As a society we missed the boat completelywhen we started acting as if age determined what kind of interventions andenvironments a person should receive in response to a health crisis or functional decline.Im grateful Thomas is leading the charge. Im working in my arena for the same thing. Frail older adults should receive the same resources and opportunties toovercome challenges as young people withdisabilities receive. Right now they dont. Become disabled before age 65 and you are eligible to receivebenefits andopportunities,after age 65 - forget it! Kay
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Hi Susan! I like that observation. It really is all about perspective. When a person uses the phrase aging parents with the mindset that they are an asset with wisdom and experience it is uplifting, if they use it with the mindset that aging parents pose a set of challenges then itbecomes adismissive. Thanks for your thoughts. Kay
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Thanks for your comments. One of things we have to remember is that no-one knows who could become a burden to the family.Any one of us could get hit by a bus tomorrow and become disabled. I think the key to harmony requires a couple of things: 1-everyone being willing to talk openly about options and beliefs,2- if a person is disabled (for whatever reason) they still focus on well-being and ways to contribute as an individual to the family/ community, 3- that each person acknowledge they can only control their own beliefs and behaviors and no-one elses - especially important when coming from different cultures. It sounds like as unsettling as the choices are for you, ultimately, if your mother-in-law has expressed her wishes they should be followed. Its hard sometimes to honor someones wishes when they dont feel right. Best of luck. Kay
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