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But exactly what did people expect to see. The majority of the players on the pitch were guys who will not play soccer for a living. If you always go to plays on Broadway you can't expect the same quality when you go watch a play by students at Hofstra university.
Yeah in this country we don't think our elite athletes can handle going to school while having a heavy workload in their sport. Like in basketball Brandon Jennings has gotten of to great start to his career partially because in Italy he was praticing to two times a day instead of maybe 2 hours a day at a University.
Because it is our sports. In football we have near zero competition from other countries so whatever way we develop players is the best way. In basketball we have small competion outside from other countries(atleast in comparison to soccer) and overall countries like Spain probably do a better job of teaching the fundmentals but we still beat them by a lot in terms of athletic ability. Even in baseball guys that were all americans in college a lot of times still need a lot of years in the minors. We don't have the years and years of experience developing young players that the top countries do and the way we view player development here is totally different than what it is in other countries.
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Dec 9, 2009