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Jock hasn't missed a step, Malcolm! You know, of course, that now you have made "the list".
I think we should keep that door locked for about twenty years while we select a new government and start all over.
Seems to me the drones have taken us yet one more step away from the world of reality. One could call it "murder by way of Playstation".
I will get on board this train when they can edit out disease, death and taxes (or any one of the three).
My goodness, if those kids could be warped for life by a Redbreast, whatever would happen to them were they exposed to a Big Gulp!
I suppose that's next. I hope they don't do ear tags!
Used to be "Court Jesters", but perhaps "Congress Jesters" is too cumbersome; "Clowns" works.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2012 on Send in the Clowns at Morning Satirical News
Wasn't it Sir Falstaff who in another life said "Why bother eating a full meal when there are so many great pills to be had out there?"
Obviously a place for those who are not on Facebook. Like me. I have to wonder what their profiles look like.
Perhaps you should spread the word about FBL to those in political circles. I think most of them could use some help in creating a better history than they now have.
It seems that, aside from a few random churches and most all school boards, we could whip the overpopulation problem, eh?
Perhaps a moral to this story would be that before going into such a business Vinnie should have gotten some "sage" advice. is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 9, 2011