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Passion is hard to qualify and quantify (although we know it when we have it). I'm not even sure that pondering passion, or whether we hate or love what we do to earn our bread and a good starting point. I think an awful lot of the way we feel about work has much more to do with the workplace and coworkers, management, and the tools we're given to accomplish our tasks. I only say this because transitioning to work as a freelance .NET developer was nothing less than a revelation to me. Gone were tedious meetings, time-wasting chatter, and an endless hamster-wheel of phone calls and emails. I learned - very quickly - that the 80/20 principle applies to my current work milieu in an unexpected way: I can now do what used to take me an entire late on a Monday night. I don't miss out on collaboration: I ask team members for help, clarification, or more information mostly in real time. I certainly don't miss the commute. I earn more, etc. etc. etc. As a result, my attitude (Passion? Okay, maybe you could call it that) is increasing, my mood is much more positive, I'm able to spend time honing my craft (yes, I think it's a craft), and I am more able to keep up with an explosion of information *about* the craft. I suspect a new paradigm (jeez, how I hate that word) is needed in the workplace. As an independent contractor, I concentrate on solving problems, whether those problems have to do with the presentation of data, improvement / automation of business processes, or building something that makes the "young folks" "ooh and ahh." If a project doesn't look promising, I can go fishing or tinker with electronics (I'm a ham radio operator), or take a trip...or learn a new language (I'm learning Ruby and Node.js). Work - and by that, I mean the work *place* - does not have to resemble the movie "Office Space." There has to be a better way - I just happened to get lucky and fine my own "better way."
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Aug 16, 2013