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Len, this is fantastic! I have heard both you and Sean O'Driscoll speak, and have great admiration for your work and Ant's Eye View. What a great match! Sending best wishes.
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Omigosh... congratulations Len! What an amazing journey you have had at EMC. I am so excited for you in your next adventure!
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Thank you for this wonderful write up of one of the conference's most compelling sessions!
Great list Christy! You've already captured my favorites: * Reduce duplicate questions * Open conversation benefits more people, including future team members * Content is archived and searchable * You don't need to know who is an expert when you ask the community * Edit a common document, rather than merging individual copies * Eliminate diverging email threads I would add: * Subscription model. Community members can subscribe to topics or areas of interest, rather than getting spammed by being on an email distribution list * Browse content. If I want to see what people are talking about today, I can go browse the latest discussions. I can't do this with email. Cheers! ~ Trisha
Jamie, I love reading about your enthusiasm and the awesome experiences you had during your first week. Congratulations again, I am so happy for you! You just sound so thrilled... may the energy endure!
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Haa... great list Len! Glad our company is not in the danger zone!
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Completely agree - thanks for posting this Rich! I learned this when launching our customer community. I was wearing my pixel-face nit-pick hat (leftover from my old MarCom days). The project manager finally had to say, in a nice way, 'Look lady - do you want to launch this thing or not?!' And we launched with graphic imperfections, and the customers took to the platform right away, and life is good!
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Nov 15, 2010