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marcus hernandez
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CHEW! Chew is refresing and new! Skullkickers..if you like the new DnD comic, whis is silly good, you will love skullkickers. Both books have great tongue in cheek humor and still manage to push great storytelling. Locke & Key is fantastic! ive dropped all of my marvel/dc books but for xforce and the new cinderella offshoot from fables. it was sad to pick up an x-men book after about 15 years and see that everything was exactly the same, despite all the differences...and it seems to be the same way in all the major books.
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mr. wheaton, i must confess that i've not been a follower for "x" amount of years, or that i know much of you or your activities. i must also apologize for the public nature of this short communication as i could not find an email link due to either my lack of tech skill or just genreal ignorance. my first direct interaction with you and your material was during last years ECCC. our visit was a last minute decision and a six hour drive from our home. it was also a highlight in my family's year this year. (my wife and i, along with our 3 children host 3 foster children, a trip to a comic book convention was FAR from normal for our fosters) we were able to meet my wife's favorite web sensations from the guild, my son was able to interact with thomas jane, and i fufilled a life long dream and met stan lee. i don't remember the particulars but at some point we ended up taking a break from the con during your rock band show, and i just enjoyed the hell out of it. i have since enjoyed your appearances on TBBT and enoyed countless hours on your site reading your updates. this is the first time i've come out of my "lurking" status, and i have done so to thank you for sharing your wonderfuly ordinary life and self with us. despite the following you have, you remain approachable and sincere. we hope to see you at eccc this year, so that my budding geeks will be able to meet THE evil whil wheaton, and i can thank you personally for being another ingredient in what makes my little family a cohesive unit. sincerely, Marcus Hernandez Springfield, Oregon
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Nov 11, 2010