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I wonder about people that post things like this. I also wonder about people who talk about MVC frameworks, and say ridiculous things like "this one framework is preferable to another because it holds me to mvc better." Truly, hearing it over and over and over again really makes me shudder. Same is true here. Everybody likes to bitch about how poorly designed PHP is. And if they were actually taking issue with the design of the language (it's a legitimate gripe), they would have a point. But then they do one of two (usually both) things. First, they provide a lot of pissy memish pictures with no concrete actionable information, and say the whole thing's crap. Then, they'll start flapping their lips about how bad other people's code is. But, you see, that's not an honest argument. Either way. As a programmer, it's your obligation to complain about other people's code no matter how great it is (unless it's perfect). And that goes for any platform you work on. Convincing clients they've been hoodwinked, and that they need a complete re-implementation is a consultant's bread and butter. Sad but true. And yet, it's not really an argument for one language design or another. Is the problem that php lets you get away with writing such bad code? Is the problem that a lot of the big projects like CodeIgniter, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, and many many others just really suck to work on? No. Of course not. The problem, as stated is that php forces you to build upside down houses with doors that fall off. Totally against your will, too! Listening to this guy, you would almost think that there's no possible way any competent programmer could ever build a sensible piece of code in php because php is so poorly designed that no sane programmer would ever even try to do it. All the while, no real complaints, other than he can't figure this or that or something else out. That's not the fault of the language either. Willful stupidity, and intentional ignorance are never the fault of the language. And neither are grandstanding trite blog posts with no real content. That's all I'm sayin. Later.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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Nov 4, 2012