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Patricia Mossgate
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I truly hate to be a ragamuffin' here but do any of you actually read tech news? How about Google's blog? Seriously, this intergration has been going on for quite some time and if you actually took the time to read the blog you would see what Google is implenting, for example this post in re to Google Plus, Let's be honest too, shall's Google's site and they can do whatever they want to create the type of experience they feel is best for their user base. Is that so wrong? Don't you do it too? Heck I had to select one of several types just to make a comment here. Doesn't everybody do it now adays? The interent will only get more social. On another note, I am totally shocked by the vulgarity coming from someone I use to think was a really cool person, perhaps the Star Trek version of you plays strongly in my mind, but I never expected such a tech savy adult such as yourself to be so narrow minded and so ill informed. Such a sad state. No, I am not a Google advocate just someone who keeps up on tech news from around the globe. Maybe you should at least read other tech sites once a week to keep up. But what do I know, I'm from Canada, eh :)
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May 3, 2012