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Putnum doesn't know what he's talking about. And for that matter neither does Gov of NJ. So all I have to say is Go NEWT GO. I hope you defeat all those critics who say you are a cheater or a racist. You are God faring and you have confused your faults with your mouth. I too believe in redemption and I will not cast the first stone, because I too am a sinner. I too have problems and I am not perfect. The American people don't need a president that is not going to possibly cheat on his wife. we don't care about that stuff right now, nor do we want vulture capitalist who isn't going to help struggling people. We need an experienced individual that has created jobs in the past. Newt is only one that can debate and defeat Obama. And the media knows it that's why they are trying to drive this foodstamp comment thing, check out this article that kills the argument to why Newt is a racist
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God job Newt the only republican candidate that acknowledges the rest of America. I hope Newt pulls it off again in Florida and give Money Bag Mitt a run for his money. But I don't feel too bad for Mitt he can bankrupt another company, sell its assets and make the money right back he lost in his run for pres. But really, though I noticed the media trying to start the race thing with Newt. But it aint gonna work, he's not a racist although he's from Georgia, check out this article that kills the argument to why Newt is a racist
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Jan 23, 2012