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After the plethora of intelligent trades, T'Wolves positioned themselves to go after a max free agent next year. I like what Kahn is doing. Jefferson, Love, Flynn, Sessions, Ryan Gomes and Brewer. If they convince a freeagent (that's a big IF), they might be a good team to watch in 2010.
On that list, read, 3. Jared Jeffries, NY Knicks and read the article which is referred to. Chris Mannix, what a loser. He should stop writing about basketball.
3.5 million dollars... Don't you think he would have come here in a heartbeat if Heat offered 3 million? I'm sure he would. Btw, I'm waiting for the next rumored T'Wolves deal...
3.5 million dollars... Don't you think he would he come here in a heartbeat if Heat offered 3 million? I'm sure he would. Btw, I'm waiting for the next rumored T'Wolves deal...
'He said he felt most of his offseason personnel work was done once Yakhouba Diawara and Chris Quinn invoked their contract options and once Jamaal Magloire and Joel Anthony were re-signed. "I don't want to add more pieces to the team," he said.' Excellent GM, Eddie, excellent... Giving Diawara and Quinn options which were obviously going to be exercised and then signing Anthony and Magloire. He speaks like somenody else made those decisions which stopped him from making moves.
I knew they won't do much this offseason when they decreased the ticket prices for season ticket holders. I have a better seat than I've ever had for 10 dollars per game. That said, it's just atrocious what Pat Riley and Co. is doing. I wonder why Pfund left Heat so abruptly. There's a huge market for expirings, why pull the trigger for Q-Rich? This guy is not wanted by Knicks, Grizzlies, Clippers and T'Wolves. Do you see any contenders in that list? I understand getting rid of Blount, but at least we could get a 2nd rounder or something. We helped them getting Ramon Sessions, for God's sake. As for AI, let's say Chalmers is injured for a long period, what the hell are we going to do? Chris Quinn, there you go, save us. I just can not believe that we can not take a cahnce with AI for 2-3 million dollars (which translates to 4-6 b/c of luxury tax). And that Q-Rich deal cemented our luxury tax situation. I'm just extremely angry. I mean if I was a season ticket holder who is shelling 100+/game I'd be furious. Shame on you Riley, shame on you. If I was Wade, I'd go to Chicago where a young team is meshing beautifully. He doesn't need money, he needs championships. Btw, next year, maybe we will not attract a single max agent, wht the hell is going to happen then? Another Eddie Jones/Brian Grant combo I suppose. And Why the hell are we paying glorified D-Leaguers, such as Anthony, Quinn and Diawara 1 mil each? Doesn;t that also kill our cap before the season starts? Can't we sign these guys during the season, there's no market for them anyway. I wonder if the other team even want them as trade fillers. This is my rant. I'm pissed off.
If Wade leaves and if we don't take any team options with the current contracts, we start next season with 0 players and 0 contracts. I think that's fairly good start to build a team. All hypothetical, of course. 900K for chalmers is a very good deal, we definitely will take that option. James Jones for 4.5 mil, I don't think we keep him. Cook for 2 mil is not a bad deal. I mean if Wade bolts we can get Amare and Bosh, for example. The world will not end, beacuse we have tremendous financial flexibility. I think Riley plans even if Wade bolts we are in good shape of bringing players to a place with no income tax and good weather.
Ok guys, Some news for you. I was in a special Season Ticket holder event with Spo. He basically told us that Wade is gonna stay 99% and Beasley story is different than what we know and he can not talk about it. Then, he went on for some BS'ing about how good the current team is and how hard they work and they lost the body fat etc. He believes JO will be back in his All-Star form and Q-Rich never had this hard of condition drills. Yeah, right. Answering a question, he basically told us that he doesn't know who the starting forwards are gonna be. (read it as: Beasley, the consummate bench guy). He then continued that Mario will be the starting PG. He also said Chris Quinn is ready for primetime (people actually laughed about this one). Overall, the same official Heat BS story. He told us nobody counts us as BOS,CLE,ORL and we are under radar. I mean I'm just perplexed that Heat organization evidently thinks that fans are brainless morons who don't follow NBA. Overall, nothing new in this front, guys.
Honestly, Why don't Heat have a beat writer who understands the game of basketball and the business of basketball? This guy is a sham, I won't read any of his stuff again. 28 is old? What a dumb statement. And why the f are we trading Beasley everytime this guy writes a blog? That is shameful, Beasley is a baller, you don't trade your 2nd pick until at least he finishes 4 year contract. Hell, Dorell Wright is STILL here. Ira, you a sham.
Btw, for those who does not understand salary cap and luxury tax: Haslem for Boozer straight up means 10 million dollars of savings for Utah as they are in luxury tax territory. 10 million is important money (it's almost 18% of the current cap), especially in this economy.
Ira's still living off of ripping Shaq. If only Ira knew half as much about basketball as he does back room gossip and being a mouthpiece for Riley. Posted by: God | June 25, 2009 at 01:19 PM My feelings exactly...
Caron Butler must be in the top 10. One of the best three draft picks of Miami Heat history plus he carried the 2002-2003 team (yeah I know they sucked, but still). Anyways, it's too early for Heat to have a top 50. Maybe a top 10 would be more fitting (btw, Shaq should be top 3).
Tradewise, Clippers will have better options than us. Why would they take Haslem when they have Griffin and Randolph (unless we take Randolph). I think we may have a good shot at a trade involving Hinrich + Tyrus Thomas (whom they are shopping) and Haslem+trade exception+ maybe Cook. Pure salary dump for Bulls plus they get some inside presence with Haslem for one year. It will allow them to focus on 2010 (they already have Rose, Deng etc.)
Tradewise, Clippers will have better options than us. Why would they take Haslem when they have Griffin and Randolph (unless we take Randolph). I think we may have a good shot at a trade involving Hinrich + Tyrus Thomas (whom they are shopping) and Haslem+trade exception+ maybe Cook. Pure salary dump for Bulls plus they get some inside presence with Haslem for one year. It will allow them to focus on 2010 (they already have Rose, Deng etc.)
Yep, in NewYork in 2010. Btw, Orlando does not have cap space to get any more players. I seriuosly doubt that they can re-sign Hedo. Posted by: kbboy80 | May 27, 2009 at 06:26 PM Yeah, LeBron and Wade are both such good and willing passers and extremely unselfish and great off the ball. They'd be murderous together.
No I wasn't replying to you, I was replying to the LeBron hater in this forum Are you talking to me? Re-read my post, I said those Orlando teams weren't very good. Also, I didn't mean to imply TMac was on Wade or Lebron's level... Wade and Lebron have already had much better years in their young careers.
Dude, Tmac is the biggest choker in this league. He was having those numbers in a very bad Orlando team. I don't remember a 66 win Tmac team, do you? He never passed the first round. LeBron took singlehandedly his team 2 years ago to finals. He was almost doing it last year. He still can do it this year, we don't know yet. Please, just please, come with another argument. Btw, you never answer to my arguments, answer what would happen if he had Pau Gasol, Odom, Bynum in his team, amswer what would he do with Pippen and Rodman, answer why his teammates have the highest clutch + differentials.
Now, I have to reiterate to all Homers here: Wade is a GREAT player. LeBron MAY become THE GREATEST. That is the difference. Neither Wade nor LeBron deserve to be compared to Tmac. Please.
If somebody compares LeBron to Tmac, there's not much to say...
About LeBron's clutch performance statistics: from First of all Lebron has had clutch opportunities this season in a pedestrian 29 games. This is due to the fact that the Cavs have had their fair share of blowouts and relatively “easy” wins. By contrast, Kobe Bryant has had 37 clutch opportunities, Dwyane Wade has had 41, and Paul Pierce has had 40. When that is broken down into clutch minutes, the numbers are closer as LBJ has had 108 minutes, while Bryant has had 131, Wade has had 170, and Pierce has had 164. Here’s how the rankings came out for the top twenty. 1 CLE James 107.1 2 MIA Wade 95.4 3 DEN Anthony 93.0 4 LAL Bryant 90.5 5 NOH Paul 83.3 6 DAL Nowitzki 74.5 7 BOS Pierce 72.7 8 NYK Robinson 72.5 9 GSW Crawford 70.0 10 POR Roy 69.8 11 ORL Howard 68.0 12 TOR Bosh 67.0 Given the stats provided Lebron James might just be the most complete clutch performer. While maybe not the best pure scorer like Wade or Bryant, Lebron seems to make up for that with his passing and rebounding. Another interesting stat is when Lebron shoots three pointers in the clutch he does so at a 44.4% rate. For the season in total, Lebron’s three point percentage is 34.2%. So, when it is on the line, Lebron actually shoots the three better. Also, I know Rock hates when the +/- stat is used in a vacuum, I found this interesting. The +/- ratings in clutch time when sorted from high to low actually look like this. 1 CLE West +50 2 CLE Varejao +48 3 CLE James +47 4 CLE Williams +43 5 LAL Ariza +41 6 LAL Gasol +40 7 LAL Bryant +37 8 DAL Howard +37 9 LAL Fisher +33 10 ORL Lee +33
I am telling you. Anybody who does not appreciate a 24 years old guy who is doing EVERYTHING for his team does not understand basketball.
Well if it is clutch free throws... Mark Price is the best basketball player ever...
This is not difference in opinion. This is statistics and involvement in plays. This guy is averaging 42/7/7 (if he had better teammates it would be probably 35/7/10 as they would convert his passes). This is like MJ and Oscar Robertson combined. We have to appreciate the guy. I consider myself lucky when I watched him single-handedly demolish Detroit two years ago. And I'd prefer to have LeBron than Wade in my team, sorry. It's not LeBron's fault that Danny Ferry is a dumbass GM.
LeBron James is the best basketball player in the NBA right now. Period. Whoever thinks otherwise does not understand basketball. Let's switch Kobe and Lebron. What would LA do? What would CLeveland do? Let's give Pippen and Rodman of 90's to Lebron. What would that team do? Wade is a great player. Lebron will be the greatest if he keeps up.
Obviously, 2004 draft was atrocious. But don't stop with Glen Davis, let's see some of the players in the list below Daequan Cook: Wilson Chandler, Rudy Fernandez, Aaron Brooks, Arron Afflalo, Carl Landry, Marc Gasol, Ramon Sessions. Don't count 2006, We got Shaq for God's sake! You know who was picked right after Simien in 2005? David Lee!!! ALso, CJ Miles, Von Wafer, Andray Blatche. I mean Wade wasn't a genius move. It was an obvious move. Technically, Butler was the most creative pick. Overall, we suck in drafts. I wonder who was the scout those days... Oh wait I know... Spo!